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help use my full memory ram

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I need to help, I have compiled coretam 8.0.1 from I connect the server but when I go into the server my game uses more than 16gb of ram and it locks up my client

This happens after I create the character and entered the world.

the database characters are outdated in CoreTeaM / ql / base /characters_database.sql
I used trinitycore, I think this is what is making my client bug use all ram of my pc it can have 64 gb of ram that it will use until it hangs


the configurations of my wow are in the low in graphs etc, if I do not close the game and use all my memory ram, locking my pc

sorry my bad english i m from brazil

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use blizz client 8.1.0 28833


You are here » CoreTeam » Other » help use my full memory ram